Developer Information

A completed application with the appropriate Deposit's and Fee payments must be brought to the District office for processing.

In the event the District's main line needs to be extended to accommodate the new building project, the builder is responsible for paying all additional costs involved with the line extension.

The District's SDC shall include a Reimbursement Fee, an Improvement Fee, and a Fire Protection Fee as described below:
The District's SDC (excluding Fire Protection Fee) is calculated for a 3/4" meter by a weighting factor of 1. The weighting factors for large meters adopted by the District are the American Water Works Association Capacity Ratings.

Reimbursement Fee $3208.95/ERU
Improvement Fee $99.72/ERU
Total SDC (excluding Fire Protection Fee) $3309.00/ERU

The SDC (excluding Fire Protection Fee) for single family residential meter sizes up to 1-1/2" is:

Meter Size ERU's SDC Charge
3/4" 1 $3,309.00
1" 2.5 $8,123.00
1-1/2" 5 $16,145.00
2" 8 $25,772.00
3" 16 $51,444.00
4" 25 $80,325.00
6" 50 $160,550.00
8" 80 $256,820.00
10" 115 $273,412.50

A substantial part of the District's demand is from commercial and multi-family development requiring fire protection significantly greater than single family residential development. The District's Fire Protection Fee component of the SDC charge is computed by taking 10.9% of the SDC charge (excluding Fire Protection) for the applicable meter size. The Fire Protection Fee is embedded in the SDC charge for a 3/4" line.

Meter Size ERU's Fire Protection Fee
3/4" 1 $0
1" 2.5 $874.00
1-1/2" 5 $1,749.00
2" 8 $2,798.00
3" 16 $5,596.00
4" 25 $8,745.00
6" 50 $17,489.00
8" 80 $27,982.00
10" 115  

The District's Total SDC charge for commercial and multi-family development shall be computed by taking the SDC fee for the Reimbursement Fee and Improvement Fee described above and adding to it the Fire Protection Fee.

Fees are subject to change - See office for most current rates.